Jean O'Grady

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Welcome to my web page.

For 20 years I was the associate editor of The Collected Works of Northrop Frye, based at the Northrop Frye Centre at Victoria University, Toronto.

The Collected Works of Northrop Frye project was launched in a small way in 1991. The last of its 30 volumes, an index to the whole, was published in 2012 in time for Frye's centenary.

Here is the text of a talk I gave introducing Frye's ideas.

Before the Frye project began, I was for nine years the postdoctoral fellow at The Collected Works of John Stuart Mill, where among other things I compiled the master index to all 32 volumes.

I also work as an independent scholar, researching and writing about Canadian historical and literary figures. For more information about the books I have written to date, please select any of them below.

Famous People Who Have Met Me

Diary of a European Tour, 1900

Margaret Addison: A Biography

Front Cover - 'Famous People Who Have Met Me'
Front Cover - 'Diary of a European Tour, 1900'
Front Cover - 'Margaret Addison: A Biography'

I live in Toronto, where I strive to grow a garden , and also enjoy cycling with the Toronto Bicycling Network and attending concerts of classical music. I enjoy the company of my three daughters (one of whom actually lives in England) and their partners, and four gorgeous grandchildren.

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