Jean O'Grady

Chief Speaking Engagements

“On Writing a Biography,” given to the Arts and Letters Club, Toronto, 6 February 2001.

“An Expanding Freedom: Margaret Addison and Victoria's Early Women,” given to the Victoria University alumni, 2 June 2000.

“Frye and the Church,” given at the conference on Frye and the Word, McMaster University, 18 May 2000.

“Northrop Frye Signs the Educational Contract,” at the International Conference on Northrop Frye Studies, Inner Mongolia University, Hoh Hot, July 1999.

“Poetic Frye,” at the Association for Canadian Studies' annual conference, Sherbrooke, June 1999.

Talk on Margaret Addison, Northrop Frye, and Victoria College to the University Round Table, 12 November 1997.

Talk on Northrop Frye to Senior Alumni Association of the University of Toronto, 23 October 1997.

“The History of the Victoria Women's Association,” on the occasion of its 100th anniversary, 23 November 1996.

“Margaret Addison and Annesley Hall,” in the College Lecture Series on Victoria's Methodist Heritage, 7 March 1995.